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January 10 2015


CNC Swiss Screw Machining

One of the most effective manufacturing capabilities, probably the most seasoned workforce and resourceful, responsive service ensured that your components will be exactly where you want them and when you want them." This really is H&H Swiss' commitment to you. H&H gives high value and reliability when it comes to screw machine ( http://hhswiss.com ) and precision parts.

With its promise, "You Part, Your Partner," H&H Swiss guarantees its customers the highest quality custom components and unmatched customer service. They highly value their customers dedicated in providing the best for all. The company builds long term relationships with its clients and so its engineers continuously assure you by far the most capable, effective and cost effective processes in the manufacturing of your part. The processes include process and support engineering, multiple secondary, operation capability, machining from coil and bar stock materials, milling, grinding, broaching, slotting, bending and crimping,thread rolling, centerless, through-feed and in-feed grinding, heat treating, plating and coating,special packaging, PPAPS, process capabilities and first articles. Each process are done in way that resources are optimized giving the customers the highest quality in one of the most cost effective way.

H&H Swiss is known for its Tornos Swiss Automatic Screw Machines ( www.hhswiss.com ). The company have 118 automatics capable of producing the highest-precision components in quantities ranging from 100 to 1,000,000 pieces. Swiss automatics utilize a guide bushing to support the work piece and sliding headstock to ensure that tight tolerances and finishes are consistently maintained.

Working with complicated components in an array of materials such as stainless steels, titanium, special alloys, aluminum and copper, the engineers use six Tornos Deco and two Citizen A20 CNCs. This machining process allows the company to produce in low or high quantities of accurate components.

It is difficult to work with very small part components but H&H Swiss has the machineries that makes this process easy for them. It can efficiently machine components with .030" to .250" diameter. This machine is called the 55 Model D2 and D6 Escomatics. This machine makes the processes done in the most economical process. H&H Swiss' tools results to a significant advantage in minimizing load time and maximizing output.

The process engineering team of H&H is constantly developing their manual, semi-automatic and fully automated equipment in supporting its customers' ever-expanding variety of production requirements. It has a secondary departments who receive the works that the primary operation cannot complete. This allows H&H to provide various machining operations.

Over the years, H&H Swiss improves its performance as it undergoes innovations in order to respond to the increasing complexity of the designs.

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